In Soča trips office, we organize and guide a wide variety of different canyoning tours.

For those who have not done canyoning before, beginner tours and canyons are the most appropriate to explore. Once you have conquered the basics, our experienced guides will take you up to the next level.

Possibilities are practically limitless, why the valley of Soča river is full of hidden creeks & gorges that can be visited only by using the right equipment & technique.

Each canyon has its own characteristics, hidden spots, deep pools, flora, fauna, and history. Your journeys through them will reveal stories about the most inaccessible spots in the land of the living water.

Every canyoning andventure includes:

  • Insurance
  • Wetsuit
  • Helmet
  • Safety belt
  • Organized transport
  • Experienced guides
Beginner tours

Perfect for families with kids up from 10 years of age.

Facing south and always on the sunshine, it gives you a nice beginner experience of swimming in pools of emerald water, sliding down many smaller waterfalls & rappeling down higher ones.

The approach path and narrow parts of the gorge are full of the First world war remnants & telltales.

Advanced tours I
Slap Kozjak

Descent into one of the most picturesque canyons and end it with a decent over probably the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia.

Thousands of tourists per year see it from the front side, but only a few dozen dare to dive in and explore other waterfalls in a 50m deep submerged canyon gorge.

Amazing scenery & light displays for those who want more excitement & action, or for guests who are also interested in a story behind the ancient sacred spot in the vicinity of Kobarid.

95 €
Advanced tours II

A pure mountain adventure! Not as deep as Kozjak, but offering an amazing view of the highest mountain wall in Slovenia,

facing towards the picturesque village of Log pod Mangartom, one of the richest in historical meaning in the valley.

Also suitable for adrenaline junkies, because of it’s 50m high waterfall Parabola and playfull lower part of the gorge.

Advanced tours III
Globoški potok

Globoški potok offers some serious action & requires at least basic knowledge of rope technique.

It represents the top notch of our tours, demanding approach & descent in one of the most remote parts of Slovenia.

Waterfalls up to 100m high and covered with water droplets sprayed moss, give you an experience of rappelling through rainbow curtains, all the way down to the flow into Učeja river. And while we are at it, why not swimming all the way down to the parking lot!


All prices are per person

Additional discount on large groups

Additional discout on the second activity