Rafting on Soča river is most probably the most recognized sports activity in Soča valley.

It includes paddling on a technical part of Soča river, with an easier section for an introduction and an action filled lower part later on.

Our guests will learn the basic technique of paddling/descending the rapids, swimming in white water, learn how to perform as a team, but there is also a part where you can relax and swim in emerald pools of a truly unique river.

Suitable for ages from 8 years onwards. We are organizing family rafting trips on calmer parts of the river suitable for smaller kids as well.

Srpenica - Trnovo:
Kobarid - Kamno:
Mini Rafting

Mini rafting tour will take you to the same part of the river as ordinary rafting but will definitely challenge you more!

You will be placed in a 3 person boat instead of 9, thus it will be much more technical and is recommended for guests who have already had some experience with white water.

Suitable for guests from 16yrs onwards in a good psycho-physical condition.

Boka - Trnovo

All prices are per person

Additional discount on large groups

Additional discout on the second activity